Hiroshima Green Ocean Project

Hiroshima Green Ocean Project

While seizing the current global trends of carbon neutrality and the SDGs, and by strengthening environmental and energy-related industries*, this project will consistently create businesses in Hiroshima Prefecture which contribute to solving global environmental issues.

*Fields in which the products or services supplied contribute directly or indirectly to environmental conservation and resource management, and help achieve a sustainable society

Why is Hiroshima Prefecture working in the environmental and energy-related fields?

As the first place attacked by an atomic bomb in human history, Hiroshima Prefecture shows that with a commitment to peace, reconstruction and growth are possible.
We are working to create an environment where diverse actors such as corporations and NGOs can play their roles and do business in a peaceful global environment with confidence.

In this context, we will utilize Hiroshima’s symbolism, and while constructing a mechanism to foster the independent creation of peace initiatives, envision a world where the economy and environment are mutually supportive. Hiroshima’s mission is to contribute to creating a better world by promoting the environmental and energy-related fields in order to achieve a sustainable society.

Thoughts embraced in Hiroshima Ocean Project

We aim to realize a sustainable society by creating a new market (Green Ocean) that can simultaneously promote environmental contributions and achieve economic growth.
While Green Ocean will start in Hiroshima Prefecture, we plan to expand it worldwide.


Hiroshima Green Ocean Project

Hiroshima Environmental Business Promotion Council


The Council was established by Hiroshima Prefecture in April 2012 as the body for carrying out the activities of the Hiroshima Green Ocean Project.
The Council aims to vitalize inter-corporation collaboration and promote overseas expansion, and by doing so,
to cultivate a group of corporations that can develop businesses that contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society on a global scale.

If your corporation is interested in expanding your business overseas or creating new business in the environmental and energy-related fields, please join our Council.

Project Content

Project Content

Creation of new business through collaboration between industry, academia, and government

  • ・ Innovation Hub

    In this program, participating corporations will bring together ideas and related information
    based on themes that may contribute to solving global social issues such as global warming and
    marine waste and through workshops etc., will create ideas for new businesses that they can work on independently or jointly.

  • ・ Mentoring Hands-on Support

    Customized mentoring by experts in new business development will be available for each company. This will allow companies to utilize their existing business ideas and new business ideas created in the workshops, to move forward with concrete projects.

  • ・ Subsidies

    This subsidy program will support corporations in Hiroshima Prefecture as they utilize knowledge and
    know-how held by external bodies such as universities, research institutes, and other corporations to
    develop innovative technologies and products and develop those businesses.

Overseas expansion

  • ・ Collaboration with global integrated business enterprises

    We will provide support for developing sales channels
    by utilizing resources, such as sales know-how and networks, held by global integrated business enterprises.

  • ・ Collaboration with overseas startups

    We will collaborate with overseas start-ups, universities, research institutions, etc.
    To create new businesses overseas, including expanding the applied scope of core technologies and creating new markets.

  • ・ Collaboration with overseas municipalities, etc.

    We aim to create projects overseas by utilizing economic exchange agreements related to the environmental and energy-related fields with municipalities and corporate organizations in Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Germany, and Austria.

Contact information

Innovation Promotion Team
Commerce, Industry and Labor Bureau
Hiroshima Prefectural Government

10-52 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima 730-8511, Japan

Fax +81-82-223-2137